what we do:

Empower Connection 

We are Future Clear,
You are Future Clear.

Future Clear is comprised of the collective vast talents of everyone involved. Since 2013 we have been gathering people together to focus on deepening our connection to our planet, each other, and ourselves. We believe that together we can create the world we wish to live in.  A world full of love and unity between all living beings. 


space & flow   

Activation in physical and energetic realms to build environments with intention.  Curators of event flow and programming.  Creators of Future Clear mobile Pyramid. 

mind & body works

Sharing of skills for attunement. Workshops, guided meditation, and breathing to open and balance of the mind. Movement, Yoga, and dance to flow energy through the body. 


Food is medicine.  Healthy practices through direct connection with plants.  Community engagement through cooking and education.  Partners with Ambrosia Elixirs. 


sound therapy 

Activation of the sonic field through sound offerings by our various wizards: DJs, live acts, acoustic sound musicians, spatial sound producers, and more.