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Expect Nothing
Experience Everything
JUNE 30 - JULY 04

What is freedom?

Liberty is an exploration of the idea of freedom.

We are more free when we live together, working as a unit and allowing everyone’s gift to flourish and help the circle.  Deep in the woods of the Adirondacks, outside of the walls of our city, we explore deep connection.  We are empowering the ability for us to reconnect directly with our Earth.  Beyond preserving, we wish to see how humans can live symbiotically with nature, rather than against it.  Embracing that we are not outside of nature, we are nature.  Our sustainability lies here.  

At Liberty we explore how our nomadic tribe creates transient communities as we grow towards a future piece of land in which we can root.  All profits will go towards this cause.  


Liberty is a 4th of July gathering in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. On a hundred acres of private property with a spring fed lake, 100+ souls collect to share the magic of raw wilderness. A forward to basics camping trip, we nourish ourselves with family cooked meals from local Amish farms.  We use this as an experiment for what communal living in nature entails, as we have dreams to obtain land and build a permanent village/community.


Photos by : Sasha Charoensub <3